Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

StinkyKids book

Hello Wacom readers! Below is the post that caught Wacom's attention and had them include me in their February eNews blast. About the book: it's not published yet but people can send an email to Britt (the creator and author) if you're interested in purchasing the book she'll put you on a list to send out information when she has it. She also said when the time comes she'd send out autographed copies! The StinkyKids website is HERE.

Also, if you missed the Wacom eNews blast and would like to look at it online, click HERE.

Below is the original blog post. I hope you enjoyed what you've seen and will visit the rest of my blog and website!


I illustrated three books in 2009, "Stinkykids and the Runaway Scissors" being the second one. "Stinkykids" is a new property created by Britt Menzies, and I think she's got a hit on her hands! She's already been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, and from what I hear she's got some pretty big promotional plans for next year as well. As for the book, it looks like it's going to be in bookstores nationwide in January.

The book was written by Britt, drawn by me and colored by John Trent. Of note for me personally was that this is the first book I ever illustrated without pencil touching paper--I drew the entire thing on my Wacom Cintiq tablet! Below are a couple of finished spreads, with my original sketches above the final art.