Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Color & Shape book

First image of the girl at the bus stop is for the color yellow--it's supposed to have 7 yellow things in it.

The mice and grandfather clock is about circles.

The king is for the color purple.

This chipmunk-rabbit-squirrel combo is to show 5 brown things. Kids will draw acorns in the blank space left for them.

This corner store illustration is for the color red, and 4 things are supposed to be red here. There's also space left for kids to draw a car on the street.

The farmer's market is for the color orange, and there's supposed to be 4 orange things in it. Kids will also draw more flowers in that empty bucket.

The train is to show what rectangles are.

This bird's nest is to show what ovals are.

The chicken coop is also to illustrate ovals.

The clown in the circus ring is to show diamonds, ovals and triangles.

This is my last book out of 8 total books to be sold at Target stores. There's 30 illustrations in this book, all of which will be colored by another artist. However, I'll get around to coloring a few of these for my portfolio at some point!

If you're looking for the books, they're called "A+ Workbooks," and they are as follows: Subtraction (Fish theme), Addition (Owl theme), Divison (Circus theme), Multiplication (Space theme), Counting (Bunny theme), Same and Different (Similar shaped icons), Alphabet (Animals theme), and now Color & Shape (no specific topic).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Color Tiger and Zebra

Colored a couple of these today.