Thursday, January 20, 2011

Interstate Battery banner ads

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In late October/early November I created all of the illustrated assets for a series of Interstate Battery animated banner ads. I created all of the art in Photoshop and then handed it off to a coding company to animate in Flash. The ads are currently live and should be in use for 6 months, I think. Check out some of the sites the ads are being placed on:,,,,, E! Online, ESPN, Fox Entertainment, Fox News,,,, Pandora,,, Travelocity, USA Today sites,,,,,,, amongst others.

Above is a closer look at the art I made for this banner (click to embiggen). I probably put more detail into it than necessary, but I think it all turned out great!

Scroll down through the next 3 posts for the other 8 banner ads. By the time you get to them, they may have already cycled through, so I posted individual links below each one so you can watch them in a new window.

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